Friday, August 29, 2008

My Kiddos

Dylan circa 1952

Megan circa 2000

Thursday, August 21, 2008

High School Yearbook

Which look do you like best for me? Check out this site!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Things I Have Inherited

I have a knack for inheriting things when I entertain. I always followup with guests to see if they are missing said items, but to my good fortune, many are never claimed. Here are a few examples:

Someone is missing this serving fork from their grandmother's silverware collection.

This brand new bottle of sunscreen was left behind after a water play day last summer

This sweatshirt made it's way into my car at the Journey concert. Suspicious.

And finally...Serafina. Somehow she wandered into our lives almost 2 years ago. She has made herself at home here. She barks, farts and is generally annoying. But she is God's creature so we love her (in a way). And she gives her seal of approval to Bona hardwood floor cleaner. She licks the floor incessantly. I guess it tastes good!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I have been informed that I have been MIA in the Bloggosphere (or some word to that effect). Rest assured I am alive and well.

-I really have nothing interesting to report.

-Life is good.

-kids start school in 27 days. We have bought their uniforms and shoes. Going for supplies today.

-My kids have been having a great time at camps. UGSFAW rocked Dylan's world. Megan got to shine at her ballet camp. Next week is Flag Football and Cheerleading. After that, Soccer and gymnastics.

-Our 1 family summer getaway was cut short when Dylan spiked a fever upon arrival. All the packing, planning, buying and driving down the drain.

-My sister's visit was short but sweet.

-I love summer, but I am seriously OVER all the bickering in my household. My children are not used to being around eachother this much. It is getting tiring to listen to them.

-Quote of the week
Meg: Did you know Jesus had long hair?
D: (In his best "duh" voice) Of course he did cause he was a Jew.

-I just watching 21. It made me itchy for Vegas (I LOVE BLACKJACK!). And it also made be desprate to go back to school. I need a benefactor to send me for my Masters. I love school. I thrive on it. But I have no money to do it. Anyone have a rich uncle who just wants to help a disco loving mommy out???

-I need a job. I have not worked all summer. I am bored. And broke. Anyone's rich uncle need someone to do his books? File his papers? Scan his porn collection?

-I have a date with my hubby tomorrow. The kids are spending the night at a friends so we have a whole night free. We thought about dinner and a movie but are now considering going to see a comedy show. Any other suggestions?

-I am hoping you will all join me in prayer for my good friend Waunema. She is fighting her cancer with her usual bravery and strength. But it is a tough fight right now.