Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pay it forward

Last week we went to the Chicago concert. The whole experience was blog worthy, but I will save that for later. This post is reserved for praises for two wonderful women we met at the concert. They were seated next two us. Two friends since elementary school who were about my mom's age. They take an annual trip together and this was their week. They had come from Canada to see the band. They were as excited (if not more) than we were. When they were about to enter, they overheard the security saying any cameras would be confiscated. They were so worried about this, they returned to their room, left their cameras behind and came back into line. My camera was in my purse, in plain view, and it did not get confiscated.

After a few songs, we realized most people around us also had cameras and were not afraid to use them. Our friends were disappointed, we were encouraged to take ours out! So I got a few pictures and videos of our friends and the band. I took an email address and told them I would send them when we returned from our trip. They were so very very grateful! At the end of the concert they asked us if they could buy us a drink or two to say "thank you" in advance. We declined and told them to "pay it forward". We said, someday you will be in the position to make a memory for someone else and we hoped they would take to opportunity like we had.

Well...our friends really took this to heart. After sending the pictures, I got a reply that warmed my heart. Let's back up for a minute. During the concert, there was a man who got to come on stage and sing a song with the band. He had won this opportunity, backstage passes and front row tickets after being the highest bidder on an auction for the opportunity. The money raised all went to breast cancer research. Awesome! So flash forward to the email I received...after returning to Canada, one of the ladies went on the band website and found they would be playing this weekend only a few hours from her home. She eagerly bid on the chance to sing with the band and won! She was really excited about the opportunity, and then remembered our "pay it forward" conversation. It was then that she contacted her local breast cancer survivors group and asked them if they thought they could find a survivor who loves Chicago and might want the package. Yep, in addition to donating money to the research fund, she also donated her winning tickets to a survivor! What a woman! That is the most awesome "pay it forward" story I have heard, I think, ever.

Opposites Attract

My husband and I don't have a whole lot in common.

I get excited about the Chicago band tour bus.

He gets excited about the Nom Nom truck.

Enough said.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Notable Quotables

The last few days have been filled with some quotes that just have to be documented.

Dad-"2 minute warning guys and then we have to get out of the pool."
Dylan- (Gets out of pool, stomps to Dad and then cries big tears while saying...) "Why can't it be like and hour and a half instead of only 120 seconds?"
(Clearly the art of compromise is lost on him)

Friend-"Gina, you are so awesome people ask me how they can get into your club. So many people, too many to even name names, have come up to me and asked me how I got into your club. They want to know how to be a part of the inner circle!"
Me-"You're cut off!"
Friend-"Seriously! I tell them you're really nice and welcoming and that they just need to go say hi to you. Then later they'll come back to me and say 'WOW! I tried it and you're right! She really is nice. She said hi back to me!!'"
(No, this conversation did not take place in high school. This was really an adult saying this to me)

Spinal Surgeon-"My advice to you is to take a Vicodin and go to the gym. If it hurts to work out, just take your pain pills when you want to exercise."
(This guy is obviously an advocate for addiction to pain pills. And possibly my new best friend! I mean think about it, why would I ever want to actually recover from my injury when I can just pop pills for the next 50 years! Brilliant solution! Sign me up!)

Dylan-"Look! Some Japan guys on a roller coaster!"
Dad-", those are Buddhist Monks".
(Maybe you had to be there for this one but it was worth a mention)

Friend-"I am a total Facebook addict now! I logged in 3 times last month!"
(I had nothing to say to this. She clearly needs help for this addiction. Anyone have any references for a good inpatient recovery program?)