Saturday, September 20, 2008

Is Home Really Sweet?

I don't get that Home Sweet Home feeling about going back to where I grew up. This is an arial shot of my High School. It is in a beautiful town nestled in the Foothills. I am heading there tomorrow to watch my nephews play football and then go swimming at my Dad's Country Club. Just saying that makes me cringe. I am not a Country Club person. It is not my style. I am so out of place in this town. I don't get nostalgic when I return, mostly I just feel lonely. Lonely because that is how I felt living there. Maybe I will go deep into why sometime. It has to do with the contradictions that were my childhood.

My friends lived in houses like this...I did not.

My friends families looked like this...mine did not.

My friends drove cars like this...I did not.

I didn't fit in then, and I don't fit in now. For some reason this stupid town still makes me feel like a loser! I am not saying I had a bad childhood. My childhood was colorful, amusing and at times fun! But it was very lonely to go 12 years through school in a small town feeling like an outsider. I was always totally and completely different. Maybe I will explore it someday. For tonight let's just say, I am not looking forward to tomorrow...and it's not just because I hate football!

Friday, September 19, 2008

White Trash

I have a white trash crush on Kid Rock. He is disgusting but there is something about him...

Gina Says...

Gina Says...
...The crazy lady flying down Adams on her bike singing Come On Eileen at the top of her lungs was me
...The crazy lady doing dirt bike jumps while singing All summer Long at the top of her lungs was me
...The crazy lady going across the rickity bridge on her bike singing Life in the Fast Lane at the top of her lungs was me
...The crazy lady zipping through the neighborhood singing Sister Christian at the top of her lungs was me

I think they but some crazy juice in that shot I got in my ass the other day. Something has come over me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Random Thoughts For The Day

1. Is it wrong that I Googled Raspberry Vodka to see how many carbs/calories and then did a happy dance when I found out I could have 2 drinks, mixed with club soda and only have to vacuum to work off the calories?
2. Is it wrong that when we found out my husband's brother is engaged his first words were "is she pregnant" and mine were "Crap. Guess we are going to Ft. Wayne indiana for our vacation next year".
3. Is it suspicious that while putting away laundry I found a card hubby left for me when he left for his 3 day conference. It wasn't tucked under the pillow for me to see when I crawled into bed after an exhausting day without him. It was staring back at me on top of his t-shirts. Almost like he was saying "you only get to have this sweet card if you are being a good housewife and doing my laundry while I am gone"
4. Is it bad that now that my kids are both in school I find myself wondering "what DO housewives do all day?" I can only cook and clean so much! With them both out of the house all day I actually have been a bit...dare I say it...BORED! I start school next week...that will fix that really quick!
5. Is it bad that I secretly hope they do not accept me as a Daisy Troop leader. I am not into Girl Scouts and their cursed cookies but my daughter has her heart set on me being the leader. I guess I owe it to her but I really hate being in charge of things. I am so relieved to not be coaching this year. i am just ready to be a Mom that supports and cheers! I do not want to be in charge this year.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


My children have decided that unless I am angry (AKA YELLING!) OR have repeated the same request at least 35 times, that they do not need to listen to me.

And definition of the word "No" when I say it to my children...
ask me again in a different way and with a slightly different set of options
and again
and again
and again.

Seriously, doesn't "no" mean NO anymore???!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blessed Beyond Belief

What a great weekend I had!

Took the princess to

Then went here to stock up for the week

We then went home to do a little of this before bed

We got to play here all day with friends! It was heavenly!

Early morning

Then off to

Home for a bit more of this

Time for a bit of this for Mommy

Came home to find the babysitter had offered this for dinner

Which meant I did not have to do any

Now that the kids are

I will watch this and other non intelligent programs

While I do this

I might even treat myself to this

Really...can it get any better than this??? Only if hubby didn't have to work and could have enjoyed it all with us. I am blessed in so many ways!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Crunch Crunch Crunch

I cannot stand the sound of someone crunching food. My husband does it like no other! I cannot get far enough away from him and his Wheat Thins right now.

For The Record...

...Mountain Biking TOTALLY ROCKED! I could get addicted to this sport!

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag!

well....I thought I could hide it from you all with the whole "I'm going back to school thing". But things have gotten out of hand and now it is public. This is what I am really up to these days!

For Diane

Brian aint' got nothin' on my son! He is a world class sucker. I pay tuition for him to sit in class and do this to himself...nice.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I keep trying to Blog. Honestly I do...but things have been a bit hectic lately so I just haven't had it in me. This is my feeble attempt at Katsup!

*Summer ended with a bang. Our last attempt at a family get-a-way was ruined by a freak hail storm and a wet dog attack. Next year, I want to go to Hawaii! Don't you think I deserve a vacation???

* School started today. Both kids got the teachers they wanted. That made for happy parents too!

*Where there's a will there's a way. I found a way. I start a MA/VI Specialist program on 9/22. I can't believe I am going back to school too!

*I began biking to get in shape for the Muddy Buddy. I found a group to train with and have my first ride with them on Friday!

*Summer recap-lots of camps, VBS, skate park, water slide and fun! (No vacation though. grrrrr.....)

*I am too tired to write any more...except this...anyone who truly knows me knows that I HATE talking about myself or having people look at me. But I do have to admit, I am proud of myslef...I lost 30 lbs this summer. It's been said. You can look once and then forget about it. I don't want the attention. Move on.