Monday, February 23, 2009


This picture is how I have felt all my life. I have always hated my freckles. I used to cover them up with tons of foundation but Jon despised that look on me so I stopped. But for years I have been tempted to return to my ways because I truly hate my freckles. I honestly wish I had the money for a chemical peel to just strip them all away.

I don't hate all freckles, just my own. I think freckles are actually very cute. But I have been scared for my son as he has gotten older because his have become so dark. I remember the child we made fun of all through school was the one red headed boy with a face full of freckles. I am afraid this will be Dylan someday. His freckles are great. And I love every one of them. Not everyone will feel the same.

Today I noticed Megan is starting to get a scattering of freckles across her nose. She was so excited! She wanted to tell everyone. They are the cutest little hints of freckles and she is just beaming about all the kisses God has given her on her nose! Despite her happiness, my heart just sunk. I do not want her to feel the way I do about my face. I hope she never does. It is horrible.

I have never said anything about hating my freckles in front of my children. I never wanted Dylan to feel they are bad. It is one of the things about myself I fail to take joy in. God made me wonderful in many ways and I would like to feel that way about my freckles. But I don't. I just don't.

My Night At The Oscars

What I loved about the Oscars

I have no interest in fashion. I saw one of the movies and it was only nominated for 1 award. I care not about movie stars except a few heartthrobs from my teen years that still pique my interest. Nonetheless, I went to an Oscar party with some “friends”. Why in quotes? Some are friends I see and talk to in my everyday life. Others I know from Facebook and/or blogging and had never formally “met” before. I went for the social reasons. I went to hang with some ladies, eat way too much food and share in a few laughs. It was a great night! Here are the highlights for me.

KT…seriously the belle of the ball. So classy in her conversations. C.I., stinky p, and other personal info gave the night a certain je ne sais quoi?

Mandy…you ARE as funny as your blog. You really do say all that stuff! I love it! Clown car vagina. Awesome.

Heidi…you were such a good hostess. The food, drinks and prizes were great! You look amazing and should be proud of yourself! to hang out and get to know you more. Although the more we hang out, the less you may like me!

Jennifer R…you are funny. I like your stealth, under the radar humor.

Jennifer ?...I hope we did not scare you away with all our crazy talk and language. We really are good wholesome mommy’s!

Laurel…Laurel Laurel Laurel. You my friend are so cute with a few green drinks in you!

Christy…Fun getting to know you too! Although all night I kept wondering if you were making fun of my hair in your head.

And Stacey. WOW! YOU ARE A BLAST! I guess you have to have some sense of humor when your husband looks at naked women all day. I just loved hanging with you! Funny lady!

And I have to agree with Laurel, best part of the night was Jack walking in and saying “Hi Ladies!” TOO STINKIN’ CUTE!

Thank you all for a fun night! Why didn’t we take any pictures???

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Quick Recap

1 1/2 hour drive turning into a 6 hour drive to the mountain house makes for one grumpy mommy. It was not a good start to our trip. It was an interesting weekend.

1st problem, pouring rain and traffic, the princess has to pee. Slowly merge. Run into Circle K, pick out some snacks, soaking wet. Ask clerk for bathroom key. Get told it is for employees only. But I am a customer I say. I am buying these snacks. My children have to go quite badly. NO, he replies. BIG MEAN MOMMY VOICE used to cause a scene...Well then we will NOT be buying this stuff here then. Get in the car kids. This place sucks. Not my finest moment but I was ticked. Cross the freeway to gas station. Run in, soaking wet, big sign...Restroom out of order. OH NO! Ask the clerk where she goes to the bathroom and throw circle K under the bus to a room full of people. Washington exit. 5 miles away. In the rain and traffic. With a child that has to go NOW! She made it. My mood was foul.

2nd problem, STUPID, yes STUPID people who stop in the middle of the lanes to put their chains on instead of pulling over. Creates a traffic nightmare in which it takes 2 1/2 hours to go 3/4 of a mile through the chain inspection lane. Did I mention my mood? Kids did awesome. Dogs, not so much. At one point, after being stopped for 10 minutes, I actually got out and walked the dogs on the side of the highway. Kept entertained by texting my husband about the insanity, talking to the little girl hanging out the window next to us and blasting some music my grandma didn't approve of. Her something calm so the kids will nap. NAP? Yeah right. I turned it up louder. It was my mood that made me do it you see!

3rd problem, arrive at mountain house at 9:30pm. Kids and dogs go wild in the snow. Did I mention it had been 6 HOURS in the car????? 22 degrees, car parked down icy steps. It takes 127 trips to get everything I packed up to the house. I don't exaggerate. Really!

4th problem, get all creatures dried off, feed dogs, crap, no meds for the white one. The one with special needs. Can't tell grandma, she will have a heart attack, literally. Formulated a plan which started with phone calls to the vets at 6 am, a Valentines Day visit to the Arrowhead Animal Hospital and Rite Aid, got meds, told grandma, are things going to get better now???

5th problem, fancy Valentines Day dinner scheduled at 6. Tired and grumpy kids who were up until 11:30 the night before, roughly 4 hours past their bedtime! Long wait for dinner. Falling asleep on table. Princess does her schedule BM at 7pm. It burns, there are tears. Another trip to Rite Aid for "tushy cream". Meals come. Mommy is up and down cutting food, they don't like it, trade plates, don't like this either. Eat your fries, that's dinner for now, I'll cook you something at home. Crying kids. Dad asks for check, I haven't eaten one bite of my meal. Boy do I miss my hubby!!! I want to go home!

6th problem, Princess wakes up with a cold, coughing, sneezing, raspy voice. Another trip to Rite Aid for comforts. Still couln't keep her from wanting to play in the snow.

7th problem, it is time to leave! There was a lot of fun before this point, however I was ready to go home. After 3 days of reminding kids to keep the gates closed, my wonderful brother forgets as he is packing his car. Where's Serafina? GONE! Back up...did I mention the storm had rolled in? The great storm of '09? Yeah, 45 minutes of running along the highway in the snow, while it was storming, in jeans. We found her, and pneumonia. I was soaked, SOAKED! Sweaty. MAD! And not looking forward to listening to grandma obsess over "what if" the whole drive home. Get in the car's time to end this nightmare!

So I swear we had a good time despite all this! Here are some pictures to prove it!

6am...The view from the guest house to the main house. I haven't seen this much snow there in years.


"The Worlds Biggest Snoman ever made by kids!"

The end result...IT IS HUGE!

Snow stud at 7am

Snow bunny at 7am

Ice Skating


See...I can have fun!

Romantic Valentines Dinner (gone wrong!)

All the kids in front of the lake! They are standing on snow that is piled higher than the fence, it is icy cold water straight below them!


When people bungee jump and say it was the most amazing exoerience of their lives, I just want to slap them. Amazing is seeing a child be born, not stepping off a bridge wth a rubber band around your waist like a jack ass!

Why can't the toilet seat covers be made so the circle part goes into the toilet on it's own. Why do I have to break the seal and push it toward the water myself?


I know you all have been waiting to hear my little nuggets of wisdom lately. It has been a while since I have read blogs. I tried going back a few tonight but I am further behind than I realized. Since I was planning on blogging and expect you all to read it, I thought I'd better make an attempt to read yours first. So here is my catsup:

Travis...this is for you!

The rest of the Baker clan...what is going on? I hope you can all get healthy and stay that way! Enough already!

Diane...Are you better yet? You seem to have been so sick. It is understandable that you have gotten so down lately based on how you are feeling. Hang in there!

Heidi...sniff sniff. Seriously, no more seriousness with you. Our babies grow up too fast. How exciting Jack is in his big boy bed but how sad that your "baby" stage is over. I hope he has adjusted now.

KT...YOU TOO! Stop with the cry fest already. I feel your ache with the whole transition to Kindergarten. It is rough. Especially since we are 4 months from the end and we agreed I would go back to work when our youngest went to 1st grade. Sounds like a perfect time to get pregnant! me later???? don't know me but I read your blog and you are funny. You say everything I think but cannot say. I am so with you on the whole bathroom shoes concept. I need a pair for the library and grocery store, the places my anxiety causes me a bathroom emergency. are such an awesome husband. You say great things about your wife. She is lucky to have you. Did you find out anything about your internship? Selfishly, I hope you didn't get anything, got kicked out of your program and are taking a job collecting pennies from fountains around OC...that way we can have you for our softball team full time! And if you did get something...well..good for you, bad for us! :0)

KT again...We had a boy that was made fun of. Dennis was his name. Everyone was so mean to him and he wasn't strange or anything. Just red headed with freckles. I feel so awful I never stood up for him. Especially now that I have my own freckled faced little guy who is so amazing and so handsome. MAN! I hope he is somewhere good and knows that because I didn't have the strength to stop others from saying awful things does not mean I believed what they were saying.

Jon...I am waiting!

Don...thanks for the movie reviews. I won't see anything until after the awards show but now have an idea of who to vote for at the Oscar party. I want to win prize!

Sarah...I am watching the Amazing Race as I type this and it made me think of you. I think you and I both feel the same pull to be a part of this type of experience. But our responsibilities stand in the way. Congrats on your personal amazing race (a month ago...I am late...I know!)

Jennifer...So glad everything worked out with Brian's job. And Emily sure is getting cute (a response to Don's Blog but shes yours so you get the shout out)

KG, CT and JM...until you post again, I got nothing for you!

Friday, February 6, 2009


I have a confession.

On Wednesday I worked out to Exercise TV in the living room. When I finished I thought I would do a few balance games on Wii fit just to work the abs a bit more. The batteries were low on the board. While I waited for the batteries to defrost (everyone keeps them in the freezer right?), I played myself. I raced Mario Kart, went to the Olympics, played a few carnival games and destroyed some Boom Blox. I felt a bit guilty. The kids were working hard at school, Jon was working hard at work, and I was playing Wii in the middle of the day. I shamefully closed the blinds. And kept playing. It felt so good!