Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Have Issues

I know they are going to get their dance.
I know he is going to go to her house to ask her father if she can be his date to that dance.
I know that her father will pray for their dance and buy her a corsage.
I know that he will tell her how beautiful she is when he picks her up for the dance.
I know her parents will watch the dance from the fields.
I know every moment of this movie.
Yet I still start crying when he stands up in the Council meeting and says "My name is Ren McCormick...".
And I stop crying when the credits roll.
Every. Single. Time.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Best part of 2010
Jon-Changing jobs and getting to spend more time with the family.
Gina-Trapeze flying, finishing grad school and having more family time after Jon’s job change
Dylan-Indian Village and Hawaii
Megan-Getting Squinkies for her birthday

Worst part of 2010
Jon-A few rough days at work
Gina-Stupid back and stupid mouth problems
Dylan-The weather in the summer
Megan-Every time she got yelled at for being naughty

Looking forward to in 2011
Jon-More family time and fitting into skinny jeans again
Gina-New York in June, family vacation in August and getting her stupid back and mouth fixed
Dylan-Starting 5th grade
Megan-Getting more exercise by being successful in her resolution to run in place for 3 minutes a day