Friday, May 8, 2009


I need help. I hate Halloween. I truly detest it. I hate spending tons of cash on costumes for my kids that will be used for about 2 hours of fun! I have never dressed up for Halloween. I loathe the idea of people looking at me and judging my (lack of) creativity.

BUT...I have a strange addiction to dressing up for MY events! I have done the mud run (I did not "costume" but I did run 6.something miles covered in mud!) I was a goddess in the Muddy Buddy, I ran the streets of LA as a chicken. I am seriously considering being a bottle of vagisil for the next GUR and tomorrow...well tomorrow I will be a Mom. My mountain biking group has an annual Mother's Day ride in El Moro. Then we hike to the beach for lunch. I arranged the kids schedules so that I can make both parts of the fun! Last year, first prize went to someone who wore oven mits and a bathrobe for the entire 10 mile ride. Not to be outdone, tomorrow I will be sporting a baby in my camelpack. I have a jar of food, a bottle, a burp cloth (with genuine nasty stuff on it courtesy of Miss is truely disgusting since it has been in my drawer meaning to be returned for about a year now!). My baby has a teddy bear with her and her own specially designed helmet. Of course I will have a pacifier necklace and Purell on hand. Every good mother always leaves the house prepared for a high intensity bike ride with her infant! I am so excited! I will post pics soon!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gettin' Itchy!

I am getting the concert itch as summer approaches. I need to lose myself in a crowd sometime soon! Anyone in???

Suggestions Welcome!

Jon and I are doing the Great Urban Race in San Diego to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. I seriously get gitty every time I think about it! I don't think he is as thrilled but he will come around. We signed up as the "10 year itch" since it is over our anniversary weekend getaway. The trouble is, we can't come up with a costume for this that is fun! Yes, we thought of the obvious gross one ...
...but seriously...our kids are going to want to see the pictures!

So we either need a good costume idea OR a new team name coupled with a costume idea. Please support me in this! If Jon had it his way we would be drinking margaritas by the pool. We need to push him out of our comfort zone!

Pick One!

A bit of advice...never eat at a place called Donuts and Burgers. You can specialize in donuts and you can specialize in burgers. But you can't specialize in both. That is just wrong!