Sunday, February 17, 2008

All I'm Missing Is...

...A Margarita!

I am sitting in the tailgate seats of my van, 72 degree sun shining on my skin, light ocean breeze blowing on my face.
I am watching my kids run around the neighborhood with their friends.
It is times like these that I LOVE living in California.
Did I mention it's February?
Really, you can't beat it!!

I am also reminded of my childhood when I would run the streets with my friends. The only difference was, my Mom wasn't outside watching us...she didn't have to be. Sometimes I am sad for my children that they will never have the freedom we did to walk to our friends houses, ride bikes alone to school, spend the night 3 nights in a row at your best friends' house. But once I REALLY think about it, I am a bit releaved that my kids won't have the same freedoms. Sure I would like for them to live without fear of kidnappings and burglers, however if they were able to play alone outside, I would be missing all the laughs, squeals and happy noises of children bonding with their friends. And as they grow into teenagers, I will again be releived that they do not have as much freedom as I did. I hope it will spare them some of the rediculius choices and heartaches I experienced.

This reminds me to be grateful for a husband that works is tail off so that I can be home raising these kids, a luxury I was not afforded as a child. My heart aches for him as he drives down the street. The kids and I are often outside running the streets, socialing with neighbors, preparing for another afternoon of fun while he is away. I know he would rather be home with us, yet he leaves with a smile, going to do what he has to do so I can be home. For this, I adore him!

My children are truely blessed to live in this neighborhood. There are so many friends on this street, again reminicent of my childhood. I hope and pray that they will continue these friendships in their adulthood. I often wonder about the childhood friends I had on my street. Like some many others, we let those relationships slip away when distance separated us in college. I would like to think that my children are truely friends with our neighbors and not just forming bonds out of convience of addresses. Either way, I am so joyful sitting here watching them all play that it almost doesn't matter.

Now, if someone would just bring me a margarita!!!


Kristi said...

oh...i want to be having a tailgating-watching the kids-drinking margarita party with you....

Jon in HB said...

Babe, you rock!

Don said...

Hey, Gina Girl...

I didn't realize you were actually blogging, too. How cool!

You and Jon definitely put the "social" in social drinking! Love it!