Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sick Sick Sick

Jon and I have both been sick since Sunday night. It is the strangest illness I have ever had. It is a combination of cold and flu without the vomiting. We have been profusely sweating, freezing to the point of violently shaking, had debilitating migraines, head and chest congestion and an aversion to food. Really, it has been quite pathetic. We have tried to take turns sleeping but there was a point today when we locked the doors and turned on a movie for Megan so we could both sleep. I have never felt so sick in my life!! The doctor gave me some drugs which have lifted to fog this evening. I stink from all the sweating so I am showering and going back to bed. I am praying we don't pass this along to the children. I am also praying you and your children stay healthy!


VikingMom said...

I'm sorry to hear that you've been hit by the flu to. Take care my friend!

Kristi said...

GET BETTER SOON!!!!!! I hate that my kids are sick and I can't take care of you. Rotten timing. Haley is so concerned for you...we all are.

Heidi said...

Oh dear.... I'm so sorry you guys are down with this horrible flu. I hope you're all better soon!