Sunday, March 23, 2008

Our Funny Bunny

I just spent 3 hours at the Animal ER with Zach.  For the past 2 years he has had what we refer to as Doggy OCD.  He finds a spot and licks it continuously for a few hours.  Then he moves onto another spot.  It has always been little more than annoying but tonight it got bad.  I finished packing for the trip and getting the Easter Bunny situated in the living room.  I was ready to paint my nails and relax with a movie when Jon noticed Zach had licked himself raw.  It looked like 2 raw spots where he had just eaten away the hair and gone to town on his flesh.  So I took him in at 10:30.  They had to sedate him and shave all over the right leg area so that it could be looked at well.  They cleaned it and gave us an antibacterial spray.  He also got a wonderful cone that he is not thrilled about.  It is nothing life threatening, just painful for him and inconvenient for us.  The worst part of the whole situation is Serafina is afraid of him with the cone on so she is doing double time on the barking which at 2 AM is quite annoying.  But you all know I am full of love for these dogs so I will be up all night with Zach fighting the cone.  Serafina might have to sleep in the car however.  There is a picture below of the wound...look only if you dare!


Jon in HB said...

Megan woke up this morning and the first thing she said was, "Mommy, the Easter Bunny came and brought Zachy one of those things for his head!"

Heidi said...

Poor little dog. We have a cat (but I always had dogs growing up and it's horrible when they're sick or hurting). I'm glad that the vet was able to take care of him. I hope it doesn't affect your trip at all. Do you need anyone to come check on him while you're gone? We'd be happy to do that if you need it!

Take care - talk to you guys soon

Kristi said...

you are such a good humans and dogs....even the ones that drive you crazy! :o)

discomommy said...

Thanks guys!

Heidi-thanks for the offer. Fortunately my brother is a dogsitter so I felt comfortable leaving my baby with him!

Kristi-yes, I am so good to Serafina...even after she almost ruined our trip to Palm Springs. Details to follow.