Saturday, March 29, 2008

Running Anyone?

My sister-in-law is famous for her big ideas. She had a great one that I am really excited about. Starting April 1st there is a group of us counting every mile we run/walk for fitness. We are logging the miles from San Diego to New York. When we get to New York we can celebrate! Anyone want to join us?

This comes at a perfect time since I start training for the Mud Run on Monday. I plan to be better prepared this year, training on hills and without my i-pod. I far exceeded my goal last year but nonetheless, I want to at least show up prepared.
I look enormous in this picture but it gets me excited looking at it! Mud Run here I come!!!


Kristi said...

first of all, you look HOT! second of all, i am still laughing at the thought of you thinking i can run with you. you'd have better luck with me skateboarding beside you.

Heidi said...

Can I wear roller skates and be pulled by someone driving a car?

You look like a stud in that picture!

Love the new blog look too!

Sarah B. said...

Ok, when is this Mud Run because it looks sooo fun! Every yr I do a thing called the Muddy and a partner run/bike about 6 miles. You switch off at stations where they have little obstacles and than you finish crawling through a mud pit. The most challenging event I have ever done (and I have done a marathon). But it is a blast! This Mud Run looks pretty comparable in the fun dept.

discomommy said...

My sister-in-law and I are doing the Muddy Buddy for the first time in November! I first heard about it from Dave Moses and Bob Ewing who I believe did it together one year! We are very excited!!! You'll have to tell me all the ins and outs before the big day!

Sarah B. said...

Actually Bob and Dave did NOT do it because Dave wimped out (and you can tell him I said but they are supposed to be doing it this year. I will have to put up some pictures on my page so you can see it...soo fun.