Sunday, September 20, 2009

Short and Sweet, sort of like me!

Read the entire Facebook status update before commenting people. Please.

I left for church with 2 kids and came home with five! I love impromptu play dates. There was a fierce Monopoly game and an incredibly elaborate American Girl party. Do I care that the rooms are messy, the sink is piled high with dishes and they ate all the food in my house. Absolutely NOT! I can say though that I will have to get a good job before they are teenagers because these boys can EAT!

I love all the kids in my children’s lives. I love that my friends trust me with their children and I love our little “village” There was a time in my life that I thought God would not trust me with children of my own. Now I have earned his trust and the trust of so many wonderful friends. It feels good!

I am taking the 40 day Love Dare! Sounds like a fun challenge. But it probably means I cannot amuse you with any more lessons from the “Obvious File”. Need to show some respect y’all!

I had to go shopping for “work” clothes. The last time I worked a job where I had to dress in decent clothing I was pregnant and weighed 199lbs. So I hit up the Goodwill. Got 12 new shirts, 3 new pants, and 2 sweaters for under $50. All but two had tags still on. Seriously people, stop paying retail!

Tomorrow starts 11 weeks of self inflicted torture. I am trying to push up my graduation date. I am taking 3 classes and doing student teaching, continuing to work in the classrooms, work for the properties, be a wife and mommy, lead the Daisy’s and whatever else comes my way!. I am going to be a crazy lady but it will make January-June more tolerable and free up time for me to study for my comps. And provided I pass everything, I get to walk in June! Whoot Woo!

My student teaching assignment is amazing. I work one hour a day. One. I have the whole morning free! I can go to the gym, run errands and even take a nap if I want to. I work one hour with 4th graders with various visual impairments. And then I leave in time to pick up my kids from school. It’s going to be awesome!

I have declared Tuesday night to be family night! We WILL have dinner as a family every Tuesday and then we will all go to church for our respective Bible studies. We have allowed our schedules be an excuse for not participating in Bible study this past year. Jon working nights/weekends, my school classes and sports practices/games has made sitting down for dinner together really challenging lately. Tuesday’s we have noting. NOTHING! So this was a perfect way to have dinner as a family AND participate in a Bible study. I am very excited!

Church was amusing this morning. I laughed out loud, several times. And what was with Bruce’s shoes? I swear he was wearing different shoes! They were close enough but not exactly matching.

Church was also strangely emotional. I have no idea why. My marriage is strong, we are not in financial ruin, I have not suffered a tragic loss. Why was it so emotional for me?

I am thinking about taking a vacation day tomorrow. After dropping the kids off at school, I will do my grocery shopping and then go on vacation. I want to go to the gym, then read a book by the pool. I will probably even take a nap by the pool. As long as I wake up in time to get them from school, they will never know!

Have a happy day!


hbmommy said...

Wow! You are busy...but I am jealous of the 1 hour student teaching?!

The Love Dare has made me think twice before doing any of my "Dear Loving Husbands" posts!

It is definately a blessing to not only be a mom but to be trusted with other people's children...the top stamp of approval!