Friday, September 19, 2008

Gina Says...

Gina Says...
...The crazy lady flying down Adams on her bike singing Come On Eileen at the top of her lungs was me
...The crazy lady doing dirt bike jumps while singing All summer Long at the top of her lungs was me
...The crazy lady going across the rickity bridge on her bike singing Life in the Fast Lane at the top of her lungs was me
...The crazy lady zipping through the neighborhood singing Sister Christian at the top of her lungs was me

I think they but some crazy juice in that shot I got in my ass the other day. Something has come over me.


Sarah B. said...

You don't like we can't be friends BUT I think we would be bike riding buddies. I love to sing on my bike and I LOVE Sister Christian.... I will sing it in the car and my kids respond with "Stop it, that hurts our ears and that can't be a real song"...maybe I don't do it so well. :)

Heidi said...

Go out for Worship Team!

Kristi said... why didn't i hear you singing at church last night! you need to do some crazy singing for Jesus sister!

VikingMom said...

Maybe the shot consisted of the raspberry vodka? Singing while bike riding is a Gina thing...Gina's always in the mood to party!

discomommy said...

1. I do not sing when I am sitting next to you Kristi because you will hound me to join the worship team and I am not interested. So it is best if you continue to think I am a bad singer.

2. I was able to sing tonight even though I was with Kristi because someone behind us (who shall remain nameless) was singing loud enough to drown me out! So I was happy to be able to worship tonight and still keep my cover!

3. Heidi-see #1

4. Sarah-I do believe the infamous American Idol Wii picture of me was taken during and AWESOME rendition on Sister Christian. You wanna come over and play sometime???

5. Laurel-party, my house, now!

6. For anyone who wants to follow my train to crazy town...I wake up at 5:30, warm up around the neighborhood until it is light out, then head over the bridge to the park where I ride the trails and sing my heart out. That is where I work off the vodka and popcorn and not give a rats ass who is listening to or staring at me!!!