Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Random Thoughts For The Day

1. Is it wrong that I Googled Raspberry Vodka to see how many carbs/calories and then did a happy dance when I found out I could have 2 drinks, mixed with club soda and only have to vacuum to work off the calories?
2. Is it wrong that when we found out my husband's brother is engaged his first words were "is she pregnant" and mine were "Crap. Guess we are going to Ft. Wayne indiana for our vacation next year".
3. Is it suspicious that while putting away laundry I found a card hubby left for me when he left for his 3 day conference. It wasn't tucked under the pillow for me to see when I crawled into bed after an exhausting day without him. It was staring back at me on top of his t-shirts. Almost like he was saying "you only get to have this sweet card if you are being a good housewife and doing my laundry while I am gone"
4. Is it bad that now that my kids are both in school I find myself wondering "what DO housewives do all day?" I can only cook and clean so much! With them both out of the house all day I actually have been a bit...dare I say it...BORED! I start school next week...that will fix that really quick!
5. Is it bad that I secretly hope they do not accept me as a Daisy Troop leader. I am not into Girl Scouts and their cursed cookies but my daughter has her heart set on me being the leader. I guess I owe it to her but I really hate being in charge of things. I am so relieved to not be coaching this year. i am just ready to be a Mom that supports and cheers! I do not want to be in charge this year.


Sarah B. said...

No...none of thsoe are bad. In fact they are hilarious because I am sure we have all thought every single one of those....although Brandon wouldn't leave a note on his clothes because he knows I don't do any house cleaning when he is gone. :) I am a bad wife like that.

Kristi said...

Oh long as I've known you, I've heard you say "I don't want to be in charge" and you always ending up leading the entire thing. So get your little Girl Scout Uniform ready! It's all you baby!

Heidi said...

I know you don't want to be in charge, but you'd be such a great leader!!!