Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Here's some random thoughts for the day:

I think it is suspicious that KT has lived 1/4 mile away from me for 4 months and I have never seen her house. I think about crashing through the door everytime I drive by coming home from school. But it is 9pm and I don't think she would appreciate that.

Quote of the day: "Mom, why is your tummy all shrivilled up like that?"
Anyone have the number for Dr. 90210?

My goal is to make it from Halloween to My Birthday without gaining 1 lb. OK...I can gain one, as long as it is one each in my girls. They need help.

Is it ironic that the minute I start trying to plan a Vegas get-a-way, only to be stonewalled by calendar, work and school issues, I hear 45 ads a day for Vegas?

I love the Goodwill. I got two pairs of Old Navy pants with the tags still on and a black shirt for $13.

I am so overworked I am staring to make mistakes. This is not like me. I am seriously slipping. I sent a CD of photos to be printed. Only I DIDN'T send a CD of photos. I never actually burned the CD. I just took out a CD, labeled it, packaged it up and off it went to the photo lab. Duh! It was nice of them to call and remind me to burn some images on the new one I send them!

I was outted by my brother last night. I was trying to see how long I could go through the program I am in before someone connected me to Dr. Fazzi (My step-mom who runs part of my program). My brother had to blab to someone he works with that his "little sister" is also taking the braille class right now. So in class last night she asked me if I was "Vince's little sister". 3 people around heard us talking and suddenly it was just like high school again. "She's Vince's little sister." "You are? We love Vince!!" I will FOREVER be "Vince's little sister"! I made it 5 weeks. And then they realized that meant I am connected to the boss. I won't have any friends in class now! Nice.

One of my professors said the other day "The definition of intellegence is holding two opposing thoughts at the same time". She broke it down like's about getting outside of your own head and gaining a new perspective. Listen to both sides, think about what each is saying, process it, talk about it, debate it, weigh it with morality, THEN when you make a decision it is an intellegent one. It may still be the same decision you had a gut reaction to. OR you may find that sometimes what you thought you believed doesn't align with some of the other things you beleive. You might change your mind. Either way, you have now made an intellegent decision! Obviously in Religion and Politics this could be very useful. When she was talking about this I was reminded of sitting in my sister's graduation form a very liberal college a few years ago. The Keynote Speaker was John McCain. We were fully prepared for the protesters and media coverage at this event. What I was not prepared for was the complete lack of respect from some of the audience members. There were some that stood with their backs turned to him. OK, not to bad. The ones that I was bothered by were the ones who sat with ipods on, talking on their cell phones, or having loud conversations with their friends while he was speaking. That to me is not an intellegent way to make a point. I think the more intellegent thing to do would be to LISTEN to what he said. Actually listen. Think about it, weigh it, talk about it, debate it, etc. How can you have an intellegent respone to anything your opposing view says when you don't actually listen? I am not endorsing McCain here. Just using this as an example of what she was talking about. Sometimes you have to shut up and listen. THEN you can make your point with INTELLEGENCE!!! That was deep for me huh?

On a lighter note...I am addicted to hansens Diet Creamy Rootbeer. No carbs, calories, asperatime or sugar. While reading the side of the can to research what it DOES have in it...the can flew from my hand, hit the batroom door and sprayed everywhere. Nice.

Which leads me to this...why can't politicians change theuir mind? I have certainly made some bad choices in the past, hung out with some truly awful people. But I have changed. I have changed my views on a lot of things as I've grown, toothpaste, abortion, salad dressing, homosexuality, favorite flavor Hansens (it used to be black cherry), etc. etc. Why aren't politicians allowed to change their minds as they grow?

And on an even better note, as I was typing this my mother-in-law called to say she booked a flight to CA to watch my kids for 3 days so Jon and I can have a get-a-way to VEGAS!!! YES!! YEEE HAW!!!!

Life is good!


Diane Davis said...

lots of good stuff here, gina.

Don said...

This was a wonderful post...LOVE the way you write, Gina....seriously.

Kristi said...

There's a lot of stuff to talk about here...but first may I just say that I would love, absolutely love for you to come to my house ANY TIME. There is a void in my life without you Gina. I really mean that. I haven't seen you or hung out with you in way too long. Now this is far too sappy....

So let me just say...I AM SO GLAD YOU GET TO GO TO VEGAS!!! YEAH!!!

Heidi said...

I love your randomness. I could read your writing all day long. Keep it coming!