Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chatty Cathy

Thursdays are Mommy/Megan days. It is the one day she is home with no daddy and brother. We spend the whole day together while the boys are at their respective "jobs" I love having the one on one time with Meg. Sometimes we go someplace fun, sometimes we run errands, sometimes we stay home and play games, dance ballet, whatever strikes us! I truly love this time, HOWEVER, the girl wears me out with the TALKING!! She does not stop, EVER!!! She is just talks talk talk talk talk talk talk......!
It is exhausting!

Earlier when we were in the car I finally got a sentence in. The conversation went like this:
Me: Megan, do you ever just sit and think?
Meg: No mommy. I don't ever do that!
Me: Why not? Sometimes it is nice to just relax and think.
Meg: Because when I am thinking I can't be talking and I have a lot of important things to say!
Case closed!

We came home a few minutes ago and I was very in need of a few minutes of quiet. Thankfully she announced she had to poop which would mean I get 10 whole minutes without talking! I skipped over to the computer smiling from ear to ear, so grateful for the quiet. No sooner had my butt hit the chair when I hear Crash, "Mommy!" "Bark!" The crash was the stool tipping over and the bark was Serafina getting scared. The only thing is, once Serafina starts barking it is going to be 10 minutes before she starts. So I spent my 10 minutes of quiet listening to the dog bark.

Now Megan is happily coloring a picture in the other room and yes, she is talking to me across the house while I type this. She is s super sweet little girl, however I will be grateful for a bit of quiet when she goes to bed tonight!


Jon in HB said...

Try drowning her out by cranking up the car radio, that's what I do!

Don said...

Methinks, Where did she get this mysterious gift of gab?

kidminkurt said...

i have to admit that once in a while i look at Hope and say, "Hope - Just don't talk for like 5 minutes okay?"

VikingMom said...

Aaron and Travis are my talkers. My oldest ones can go all afternoon without saying a word. There are times when I have to cover my head with a couch cushion and prayer for them to stop. If that doesn't work I run to the bathroom, lock the door and read a magazine. Thankfully the bathroom fan is loud enough to block out their jabbering through the door. I just throw in an "Uh-huh" or a "Really?" everyone once in a while.

Billy said...

You all are so nice. When the decibel level is too loud and has continued for too long, I just yell something like... "Everybody be quiet and go to your room!"

kidminkurt said...

sometimes when I'm working with the preschoolers at Church i like play a little game with them called "Sit Down & Shut Up"

VikingMom said...

Obviously Billy plays the bad cop at our house. Did we ever wonder?

Heidi said...

I've issued a moratorium on Hope-questions until further notice.

I think we should get Megan and Hope together.