Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My LONG day!

I dropped D off at school and set off for my "girly" day. Anyone who really knows me knows that I am not a girly girl. Sure, I wear lipstick, but it is only on the ball field. I dread girly girl things. But God has BLESSed me with a Girly Girl! She has been saving her money for months for a trip to the American Girl Store. (ironically at the Grove, exactly where my so called friends were going to see American Idol). So we went today. After telling me he didn't want to go, then rearranging my schedule a few days before so he could be there, my husband backed out 20 minutes before departure for a golf outing for a bachelor party for aguy he doesn't even know that well)

I am not going to be bitter, I am just going to post pictures. My daughter had the GREATEST day of her life.
I know it is not about me but MAN...I was so out of my elemet!

Having Tea with "Katie"

Katie having her hair done (Don't even ask what mommy paid for that!)

Just paid for my own doll! I saved for a lONG time!

At home in matching exercise/ballet clothes.

They also got matching jammies!

Nana, Kathryn and Megan at realxing before lunch, LOOK! In the background you can see Kristi going in to the Sushi restaurant for lunch! (I wasn't invited!)

Just a cute pic of my amazing daughter. I hope I can become more feminne before her wedding!


VikingMom said...

I'm glad you got to spend the day with your girlie girl. (I'm not one my day I hung out with the guys to avoid the drama.) My daughter isn't much of a girlie girl for which I'm thankful in a way. However, I do miss dresses and such. Tamila only wears dresses once a year on Easter if you're lucky.

The pictures were sweet! Sounds like you had a good day.

Diane Davis said...

so is that doll supposed to look different than another doll... say, from target? these are great pictures and kristi is a bad bad friend...

(jk, gf)

Kristi said...

oh my. i don't think i understood you when you wrote that tirade on my blog. you were at the grove YESTERDAY???? OOPS. I do suck. I thought you went Monday!!!! Yeah, that was me in the background.

Please still be my friend.

Heidi said...

Gina - your daughter (daughterS if you count the doll) is gorgeous! And don't fret about being shunned from American Idol. I was shunned too. Let's sit together at church this weekend and bask in our shunned-ness.

Krist - we love you! : )