Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Sign?

Is it a sign? I tried to update my Facebook "status' today. On 3 different occasions I tried to say the following "Gina is trying not to reflect on her past, yet God keeps calling her to do so". All 3 times, it would not post. I tried, I really tried to post it, 3 times. It simply would not post! Soooo...does God want me NOT to reflect, or does God want me TO reflect? I am confused. So here I sit trying not to reflect about reflecting while reflecting on whether God wants me to reflect of not! It's troubling!


Sarah B. said...

Haha. I have had that same problem over the last yr. Like I don't want to reflect, let's just leave it. And than something came up that sort of brought it back and I was like "Oh, OK, God wants me to work with it and maybe even use it to minister." And than nothing, and after awhile it was like "OK, no, God does not want me to use it, put it back where it went." And back and forth.....and I am still praying over. Sometimes I wish God would make the signs easier, like a post it note on my desk at work or something. Oh well, just keep on keeping on! (that subliminally means to pray)

Heidi said...

God wants you to stop using facebook and just blog instead. Also - God wants you to call Heidi so you can go have coffee and actually talk in person instead of in cyberspace.

Seriously - let's go grab coffee.

Diane Davis said...

so funny.... i just tried to change my facebook status to "Diane is deserving of cold beer after work" and it won't let me do it. But I know it's not a sign that I shouldn't go out (gasp!), it's just facebook being funny. ;)

discomommy said...

A coffee date sounds good! Although I do not drink coffee. Can I have a decaf tea and a scone? Wait, I do not eat scones either. This date is a bust already!

Heidi said...

You don't drink coffee? Hmmm.... Well, that's okay. Decaf tea is... well - it's still a beverage (I guess). :)

As far as scones go - I'm not a fan of them either. However, I do like muffins, lemon bars and brownies! Oh and frozen yogurt from Golden Spoon is always a good idea. Yummmm!