Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Aching Heart

There are times when your child takes a step into the future that really tug on your heart. First Christmas, first word, first step, first day of Kindergarten, first lost tooth…

Lately I have found myself choked up by the smaller things. The things that I never even realized mattered so much to me.

My children brush their own teeth. We no longer sing the Raffi “Brush Your Teeth” song every night.

My children can plug can plug things in and legitimately understand the dangers of sticking anything else in the plug. No more outlet covers in our house.

My children can make their own breakfast. The selection is limited to cereal, toast or waffles with juice or milk but they can do it!

My children can put away their own laundry.

I no longer have a use for a double stroller. Or a car seat.

My children can open the garage door, call their friends on the phone and find something to watch on TV without my help.

My children can read.

My children can wipe their own tushies.

We don’t use training wheels.

My children understand saving their money and can budget to buy something for themselves.

My children can open a game, read the directions, set it up and play together without ever needing me.

My children can feed the dogs, walking sticks, caterpillars, silk worms and water their plants.

My children can put on their own sunscreen.

My children say words like sweet, awesome, cool, dude and my least favorites, butt and fart.

My son put a note on his door that says “please knock”

My daughter doesn’t want to play sports, just dance dance dance.

My children can get their own snacks, put on their shoes and socks and brush their own hair.

My children take showers, not baths, and no longer need me to wash them. Or their hair.

We’ve had “the talk” with my son.

My children can swim.

My children can make their beds and clean their rooms.

My children have their own library cards.

My children sleep through the night.

My children can tell time.

My daughter wants to paint her toenails and wear lip gloss every day. I won't let her.

My children Pray.

These are some of the things that make me stop and wonder where the time has gone. I can remember the moment I found out I was pregnant with both. I remember the moment I told my husband. I remember the song that was playing when each was born. I remember our first nights together. I can remember every birthday and Christmas. I can remember import milestones along the way, yet the details of the hundreds of days in between have somehow blurred together. I know there are many, many reason my children still need me. It just seems that each day they need me a little bit less.

Raising children is bitter sweet.


Heidi said...

okay, I'm WEEPING. That was beautiful - and so sad all at the same time. Much like being a parent at times I suppose.

Awesome post, girl!

VikingMom said...

Yep, it's definitely bittersweet when you realize your baby is going to highschool. It's exciting to see that he's grown so big and so well. But even more saddening is the thought that he's leaving home in 4 years. 4 incredibly short years. Wow.

By the way...I'm definitely not missing #8 on your list. That was an exciting day when that was no longer an issue in our house.

Diane Davis said...

this post totally makes me want a little urchin of my own...

Kristi said...

I'm totally crying.


When I left Haley's room tonight, she asked for one more kiss. I had already given her 15. She was stalling.

I just read this, and during my "pause" had to go kiss her good-night. Of course, she thinks I am a crazy woman and doesn't understand why I am crying. I jut tried to tell her that I love her so much and they are happy tears. I said, "Haley, I love being your mom. " And as she wiped my tears away, she said "and I love making you feel better."

Then we heard Lexi scream "E-I-E-I-O." from her room and totally started cracking up.

This was a beautiful post from a beautiful mom....inside and out. I'm so glad you are my friend. I learn so much from you


Don said...

Gina, that was an amazing post. You seriously need to publish it. Every parent needs to read it . . . again and again. Until it IS published, I expect it will be found on refrigerators or kitchen cabinets or bathroom mirrors all over Huntington Beach.

Thank you!

Don said...

Technical question. .... I tried to copy/paste the post to WORD. Couldn't make it work. Can't blogs be copied, or is my computer just weird? Advice anyone?

Heidi said...

Don - I think you successfully pasted it into a word document, but you have to change the font color. It's white on Gina's blog and that's how it copies into Word. Paste it again, do a CTRL A and then change the font to black. You should see it after that.

Roni said...

Gina, you don't know me, but Don said I should read your post since I had just posted about my oldest son going to the prom. All I can say is, I'm with you!! As the kids have grown up, people have always said to enjoy this time because it goes so fast (when they were little), and I was so busy that I just thought, "Yeah, yeah, I know." But geez. I really had no idea. The prom??? How did that HAPPEN? I thought he was my little boy!! My Blog

johnsonandjohnson said...

so, what you are saying is...I should enjoy the 5-7 times I see or hear my daughter in the middle of the night?

Thanks for reminding me that this time is so precious.