Saturday, May 17, 2008


Here are some random thoughts from this month:

Call me a prude but I don't think high school students should sing "Sledgehammer" at their recital. Especially in a church. That is just wrong.

My son did awesome at the speech meet. He got 49/50 from both judges and made all the adults cry. Thanks again to Dr. Don for judging. No, he was not D's judge.

The Boards need to approve the lease so the school can put some money into fixing the air conditioning. It is ridiculously hot in those rooms.

Open House is not for the faint of heart.

Summer is coming and I am not bathing suit ready.

My run is coming and I am not ready.

Our critters keep dying. My son said "Mom, it's like all you can keep alive are the big animals like the dogs and the kids". Megan is sad her caterpillars did not turn into butterflies.

Classic moment: Jon walks in after buying himself a new fancy pair of flip flops. Megan looks down and says "Curtis has some like those. But his are cooler because they have a rainbow on them". Jon does not want his fashion compared to Curtis. His ego was bruised!

Glen Ivy the day before Mother's Day was a perfect treat.

Playing baseball with my son on Mother's Day was a dream come true! Maybe he will learn to love the sport after all.

Megan making me limp toast for breakfast on Mother's Day was sweet. Not delicious but sweet.

My husband is wonderful.

That's all for now.